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This weekend I am packing. The goal of this packing process is to NOT take things I have been dragging around with me that I never do anything with and just need to finally get rid of. My goal is to minimize the amount of clutter in my life!! I have too many papers and other nonsense. It needs to get recycled or Goodwill'ed.

I have so many things I keep around for "art projects" that while once upon a time I actually did and used, it's been years since I've done anything with any of it. I need to streamline my interests and just say goodbye to some of them. I need to accept that I will never get around to doing them until I'm either retired or otherwise inspired. I have too many things on my plate and too much damn stuff.

This will be a tough purge, but it is very necessary.
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I lost 5 pounds, yay! I have been doing a quasi-paleo diet type thing where I'm limiting my carbs intake to about 100-150 grams per day. So basically I'm not eating grains, beans, or potatoes. Went for my first semi-barefoot run last weekend. I started the couch to 5k program and I ran in my Vibram 5fingers :) It was awesome. Running is hard. But I love it.

The boyfriend and I are splitting up. We need to separate for a bit. I want to be on my own for awhile. We just jumped into this relationship too quickly due to a lot of crazy external circumstances but neither of us has really taken the time to "heal" from the relationships we had been in prior. We were both *in* relationships when we met and ended up living together not long after we started dating, sort of out of necessity. We had a few choices and we made that one; I think we were naive. We've gotten into some unhealthy behavior patterns. I am frustrated and resentful. However, I care about him a lot. I want us to figure out how to genuinely be friends with each other, and then see where it goes from there. It may well be that we take this time for ourselves and there really is no love, it was all codependent bullshit. But we won't really know unless we do it.

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So yeah, lots of changes afoot in my life right now.
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I finally got my knee checked out and I was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella. This basically means my knee cap is tracking too far to the outside of my leg due to some cartilage damage. My innermost quad muscle is very weak and the outer ones are over compensating, so I'm walking all retarded.

I started physical therapy last week and omg ow. The therapy consists of quad strength exercises and some deep tissue massage using a foam roller. I swear I was in tears this morning from that damn foam roller. My calves and outer quads are so freakin' tight.

I've also switched to wearing Vibram Fivefingers shoes. For awhile now I've had chronic pain in my ankle and a couple of weeks ago it just got too unbearable. I finally could only wear Crocs clogs because every other shoe I had just hurt too much. Well then the ankle pain started with the Crocs so that was no good. A couple of my coworkers swear by the VFFs so I thought I'd give it a shot.

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Everyone has their own theories on nutrition, their own diets, and their own solutions. While many of these programs have good concepts there are always fringe notions that are a bit extreme. I'm not sure who is right, but I guess it just comes down to do what's best for you.

I recently started reading Sally Fallon's works, "Nourishing Traditions" and "Eat Fat Lose Fat". Her work is based on the principles of Weston A. Price, a dentist who travelled around the world examining different cultures to understand how diet affects our dental health. He put together a basic diet recommendation based on his research which can be summarized here:

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Anyways so here are my resources regarding my new mode of nutrition experimentation:
- (Pro-Raw milk site) -
- Pike Place Market Creamery (where I buy raw milk, eggs, and butter) -
- Dungeness Valley Creamery (Raw Milk in WA state) -
- Organic Valley Pasture Butter (pasteurized, but cultured and comes from grass-fed cows) -
- Rain Shadow Meats (High quality, humane WA butcher) -
- Radiant Life (Cod Liver Oil) -
- Eden Foods (Malted Barley Syrup, Raw Vinegar, good Olive Oil) -
- Cultures for Health (Sourdough starter, Kefir starter, Sprouted grain flour) -
- Japanese Pickling Book -
- Nourishing Traditions -
- Sustainable Seafood Guide -
- Tropical Traditions Red Palm Oil -
- Coconut Palm Sugar -
- Sucanat -

Crazy Life

Mar. 9th, 2011 07:15 pm
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Life has been super crazy the past few weeks. Deadlines at work caused me to have to work a lot of extra hours and then some challenges in the ol' personal life ate up what was left. I'm not going to get into details here but all I'm going to say is when you really fall in love with someone and you are committed, it's not easy. We all have little demons locked away and it takes a special partner to bring those to the front and make us face them. It's not pretty, in fact it's ugly and painful. BUT when you truly love someone and have made a commitment to being on this journey with them, you are willing to face those things and work through it. So we're working through some very difficult things, been working through them, and some truths that we'd both been hiding from each other have come to surface in the past couple weeks. We've had some heated confrontations and very emotional discussions. I really believe that we've both fully confessed at this point and have let go of some things as a result. But again, it's a never ending process of evolution so there will be more challenges. I'm just happy to be making forward progress :)

In other personal news I've made a commitment to get my financial situation sorted out this year. I've been working to get some outstanding collections debts paid off in an effort to improve my credit score. I also got my first credit card in 10 years hehe. Limit is $500 LOL. Hey I don't care, I just need something that I can pay off each month so I can boost my credit score. My credit score is about 630, or a "D" hehe. I signed up on this website called and it's pretty snazzy. Anyways so currently I just have about $12k left on my student loans and one outstanding collections debt from ages ago that I forgot existed. Settling that will be easy. My goal is to pay off at least 50% of my student loan debt this year MINIMUM. Once I've got that straightened out, it's 401k/Roth IRA consolidation time so that I start regularly putting money into those accounts. I need to start regularly putting money away into those accounts and thinking about the future.

I've also made a commitment to get my physical health sorted out this year as well. Last year I started eating better, limiting refined carbs and really paying attention to what I'm putting in my body. I joined Seattle Fitness and have been going almost every day in the past 2 weeks. I've done a great job of losing weight with a minimum of excersize and diet alone (lost about 50 pounds!!) and now it's time to crank it up a notch and get off this plateau I've been experiencing. I've promised myself when I get to a maintainable healthy weight, I will go on a small shopping spree and re-do my wardrobe (another thing to save up some money for hehe).


Feb. 20th, 2011 10:18 pm
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Spent the past week taking care of my dog who had another round of cluster seizures last Sunday. My sleep schedule has been erratic, on top of that I was doing a training at work and had to be in at 8am. I was drinking so much caffeine to compensate for my sleep deprivation that I was unable to sleep the next night :/ Anyways doggy is doing better and last night I may have gotten a solid 6 hours. Also have some other stresses I won't really get into here just some stuff going on with the minionette and the boyfriend's psychobeast ex trying to make our lives difficult.

Went down to my brother's in Castle Rock for the weekend and had a little family time which was fun. My brother's woman has a huge local family so lots of kids for minionette to play with :) I took the doggy down too so it was a regular hoedown. Her daughter (my bro is a steparent just like meee) really wants a dog and was enjoying walking him and playing with him. My folks own the adjoining property and have a barn there they are fixing up. They have a big RV they park in the barn. They came up for the weekend as well and spent the night there.

I'm trying to make a habit of visiting the family more often, especially with minionette in my life :) They all love her and I really want her to feel like she has a family nearby, even if they aren't biologically related :)


Feb. 10th, 2011 05:20 pm
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One thing that is a big challenge for me is my tendency to bitch and moan when things aren't the way I think they should be. I've been making a huge effort to improve that. It's especially bad when it's coworkers. Right now it's a challenge because I'm essentially under-valued and under-ranked. I'm doing my best to not focus on the areas of lack amongst my coworkers, especially folks who I do not feel justly out-rank me. I feel like I'm being held to an unfair standard that others on the team are not being held to. When I've pushed the issue I've just been told to "demonstrate it more" whereas other people are not being asked for this same effort. I feel that I'm going above and beyond and getting kitchen scraps of recognition for it. The truth is, that's my biased perspective and it's not as if I've hit a glass ceiling or anything. I'm just frustrated and unhappy with the present, but hopeful because I'm doing what I can to change it.

I'm not looking to switch jobs right now, however, because I do feel like there are some areas where I need improvement and I have some projects I'm working on at $werk that will help me to grow as a developer. So basically I've just taken the attitude of keeping my head down and just focusing on what's important to me. I've just noticed lately I've been a little overly critical/negative and I need to watch that.

I'm not even really sure what I want in the long run. I'm a little sad because while our team is really fun and there are things I've liked about it, something has changed in the past several months. In particular we split into 2 smaller teams and instituted "SCRUM". This pretty much shot morale and made everyone miserable. The business side just keeps ignoring our needs and pushing stuff down our throats so our planning efforts are basically worthless since we are constantly getting derailed to put out fires.

Anyways I don't know what the issue is but there are clear morale things going on with the team. I haven't been paying much attention since I've been focusing on getting involved with Dreamwidth and some pet projects at $werk. I think that's just the way to go, frankly, I don't want to get caught in any crossfires.

$werk stuff

Feb. 4th, 2011 09:21 pm
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Had a code release at $werk that went well except for a piece of my stuff ;) Turns out $PATH on Solaris is different than $PATH in Linux... whoops. Anyways got a fix for that pushed out and churned up some discussions on better ways to deal with deployment issues with our IT team.

I'm actually really pleased with my work. I developed a core aspect of the code release and made some design and implementation decisions to address a scale issue. I did it in a "ask forgiveness later" sort of way for which I definitely earned a bit of respect from both my manager and my team mates :) Currently at work I'm seeking advancement, so in light of that, I'm taking on more challenging tasks and showing that I'm able to function at a higher level than I'm technically "ranked" at. Currently I'm ranked at SDE 2, but definitely functioning at an SDE 3 level. Mid-year I'm slated for a review to see if I've sufficiently demonstrated my abilities are indeed at that level. My goal is to make Sr Dev 1 at next year's performance review.

I have a few things planned to get there. I'm starting to work my way through the Camel book again to pick up any Perly things that I know I missed the first and second times. I've also been working through Higher Order Perl which takes a functional language approach to Perl Programming. I've also got a project going at work as a collaborative learning goal with a coworker, where we are developing a Moosified rearchitecture of some core libraries I wrote using Perl's intrinsic OO. I expect it to take a few months since we're basically doing this in our spare time. It also integrates my learning goal from the end of last year where I proposed a Modern Perl rearchitecture of our external API, proposing a move from XMLRPC to JSONRPC.

Oh and I finally got around to posting a blog entry about the SPUG talk I gave about Devel::NYTProf back in October --
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I cut down the front of a lightweight sweater i have that has gotten too big. I have all these great geeky tshirts but i dont like wearing an extra shirt underneath when its chilly. Soooo this is my
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Submitted my first Dreamwidth patch today!

Got some shit from someone in #dreamwidth about using the word "codez" so I've decided to tag all of my code-related posts as codez in her honor.

Spent some time wrestling with PerlTragick with [personal profile] cxreg. He knows the internalz of the Perlz much better than I do so we were looking at different build options to figure it out. Turns out Perl isn't passing the right path to PerlTragick's configz despite a local path being set :/ I'm installing a dw sandbox into my home dir so I have custom paths and such. Luckily it's not *required* for dw, but kind of annoying and it would be nice to get fixed. We're putting together a shell script to help other folks who might just want a local sandbox of dw on their machine to hack away at.

[personal profile] cxreg and I keep meaning to spend some time on some electronicsy stuff. I got this Make book awhile ago with the components kit that's like an intro type deal but haven't made time to do anything with it. So we busted it out tonight and were doing basic experiments with LEDs :)

Electronixx are fun.
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Bound off the neck... now on to the hood!
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My folks spent the night on their way up to Whistler and this was one of our weekends with [personal profile] cxreg's daughter (who I shall refer to as the minion minionette) so it was an action packed household :D We've been getting her into games (she's 3 1/2) and she enjoyed playing Slap Dragon with my dad and one of the Ravensburger board games with my mom. I'm constantly amazed at how calm and comfortable she is with us each time she comes to visit which is such a change from when cxreg and I first started dating. In a nutshell his ex has borderline personality disorder and is a complete nutjob. When the minion minionette comes over here, it's like all this tense and frustrated energy she has from being around her mom just releases. I've had a huge part to play in establishing rules and structure, but I think that's because I had a really good upbringing so I've got good examples to draw on :) Anyways so it gives me warm fuzzies to hear the minion minionette randomly say "I love you Auggy" hehe. And I don't mean minion minionette in any negatory sense, she is totally my little minion in that I teach her kewl things and we're totally pals :) Today as she was leaving I taught her "Guess What Chicken Butt" and we told her to tell EVERYONE that joke because it's SO FUNNY. It will drive her mom crazy, which will make her want to do it moar. *mwahahaaha*

Today I'm working on my first contribution to the wonderful Dreamwidth community, my very first code tour! Hoping to get a chunk of that knocked out :) And then I've asked cxreg to do a code review on a couple of cron jobs I wrote for $werk. So nice having a significant other to talk Perl with. Then later hopefully some knitting :D

**EDITED: Since dw volunteers are often referred to as minions I've decided to refer to my little minion as the minionette to differentiate :D
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I put on my lighter weight raincoat today as it is pouring down rain, but not cold enough for my regular wool coat. I haven't worn this coat since last year sometime... and I found some stuff in my pockets!

In my pocketses:

* lots of used tissue (ew)
* a plastic sammich baggy filled with Aleve
* a roll of doggy bags
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I found out about Dreamwidth at OSCON 2010 and I think it's really cool to have an active community of women developers using Perl!! ZOMGZ!! (I love Perl)

This year I've submitted a talk about Documentation for Developers to OSCON 2011 *fingers crossed*

In other news, I'm co-coordinator of Seattle Linuxchix which I moved to be an online only group to prevent further segregation of the Seattle Open Source community. I suggested we start a "buddy system" where women in the group can post what meetings they are planning to attend, since I didn't see Linuxchix adding any value, and I also felt it was competing for attendance at these events.

I have been listed as assistant coordinator for the Seattle Open Source Meetup but haven't been very active. I went to the meetup last night which was piggy backed onto a Membase presentation for the Google Tools User Group. The coordinator, Sarah Novotny, is going to be travelling for work a lot in the next few months but wants to get attendance back up. She has some neat ideas and since I've taken care of LinuxChix I have more time to devote to this group :D In addition my employer currently has recruiting as a priority, so I'm going to talk to the VP of Engineering about possible co-sponsorship with Blue Gecko :)

In my personal life, I've gotten hooked on a game called Lacuna Expanse - . It's written in Perl on the backend and uses fancy client-side Javascript on the front end. It's also 100% scriptable, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to learn Moose and write something for it.

I'm also working on a git hook utility for posting POD changes to a mediawiki wiki, more as a concept so that I can demo it if my talk gets accepted at OSCON.

And that's all I got... oh yeah also learning about this Dreamwidth thing so I can tinker, learn from some folks, and hopefully provide some Perl mentoring :D
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