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Feb. 4th, 2011 09:21 pm
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Had a code release at $werk that went well except for a piece of my stuff ;) Turns out $PATH on Solaris is different than $PATH in Linux... whoops. Anyways got a fix for that pushed out and churned up some discussions on better ways to deal with deployment issues with our IT team.

I'm actually really pleased with my work. I developed a core aspect of the code release and made some design and implementation decisions to address a scale issue. I did it in a "ask forgiveness later" sort of way for which I definitely earned a bit of respect from both my manager and my team mates :) Currently at work I'm seeking advancement, so in light of that, I'm taking on more challenging tasks and showing that I'm able to function at a higher level than I'm technically "ranked" at. Currently I'm ranked at SDE 2, but definitely functioning at an SDE 3 level. Mid-year I'm slated for a review to see if I've sufficiently demonstrated my abilities are indeed at that level. My goal is to make Sr Dev 1 at next year's performance review.

I have a few things planned to get there. I'm starting to work my way through the Camel book again to pick up any Perly things that I know I missed the first and second times. I've also been working through Higher Order Perl which takes a functional language approach to Perl Programming. I've also got a project going at work as a collaborative learning goal with a coworker, where we are developing a Moosified rearchitecture of some core libraries I wrote using Perl's intrinsic OO. I expect it to take a few months since we're basically doing this in our spare time. It also integrates my learning goal from the end of last year where I proposed a Modern Perl rearchitecture of our external API, proposing a move from XMLRPC to JSONRPC.

Oh and I finally got around to posting a blog entry about the SPUG talk I gave about Devel::NYTProf back in October -- http://augustinalareina.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/getting-started-with-develnytprof/
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