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I found out about Dreamwidth at OSCON 2010 and I think it's really cool to have an active community of women developers using Perl!! ZOMGZ!! (I love Perl)

This year I've submitted a talk about Documentation for Developers to OSCON 2011 *fingers crossed*

In other news, I'm co-coordinator of Seattle Linuxchix which I moved to be an online only group to prevent further segregation of the Seattle Open Source community. I suggested we start a "buddy system" where women in the group can post what meetings they are planning to attend, since I didn't see Linuxchix adding any value, and I also felt it was competing for attendance at these events.

I have been listed as assistant coordinator for the Seattle Open Source Meetup but haven't been very active. I went to the meetup last night which was piggy backed onto a Membase presentation for the Google Tools User Group. The coordinator, Sarah Novotny, is going to be travelling for work a lot in the next few months but wants to get attendance back up. She has some neat ideas and since I've taken care of LinuxChix I have more time to devote to this group :D In addition my employer currently has recruiting as a priority, so I'm going to talk to the VP of Engineering about possible co-sponsorship with Blue Gecko :)

In my personal life, I've gotten hooked on a game called Lacuna Expanse - . It's written in Perl on the backend and uses fancy client-side Javascript on the front end. It's also 100% scriptable, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to learn Moose and write something for it.

I'm also working on a git hook utility for posting POD changes to a mediawiki wiki, more as a concept so that I can demo it if my talk gets accepted at OSCON.

And that's all I got... oh yeah also learning about this Dreamwidth thing so I can tinker, learn from some folks, and hopefully provide some Perl mentoring :D
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