Feb. 20th, 2011 10:18 pm
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Spent the past week taking care of my dog who had another round of cluster seizures last Sunday. My sleep schedule has been erratic, on top of that I was doing a training at work and had to be in at 8am. I was drinking so much caffeine to compensate for my sleep deprivation that I was unable to sleep the next night :/ Anyways doggy is doing better and last night I may have gotten a solid 6 hours. Also have some other stresses I won't really get into here just some stuff going on with the minionette and the boyfriend's psychobeast ex trying to make our lives difficult.

Went down to my brother's in Castle Rock for the weekend and had a little family time which was fun. My brother's woman has a huge local family so lots of kids for minionette to play with :) I took the doggy down too so it was a regular hoedown. Her daughter (my bro is a steparent just like meee) really wants a dog and was enjoying walking him and playing with him. My folks own the adjoining property and have a barn there they are fixing up. They have a big RV they park in the barn. They came up for the weekend as well and spent the night there.

I'm trying to make a habit of visiting the family more often, especially with minionette in my life :) They all love her and I really want her to feel like she has a family nearby, even if they aren't biologically related :)
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