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I lost 5 pounds, yay! I have been doing a quasi-paleo diet type thing where I'm limiting my carbs intake to about 100-150 grams per day. So basically I'm not eating grains, beans, or potatoes. Went for my first semi-barefoot run last weekend. I started the couch to 5k program and I ran in my Vibram 5fingers :) It was awesome. Running is hard. But I love it.

The boyfriend and I are splitting up. We need to separate for a bit. I want to be on my own for awhile. We just jumped into this relationship too quickly due to a lot of crazy external circumstances but neither of us has really taken the time to "heal" from the relationships we had been in prior. We were both *in* relationships when we met and ended up living together not long after we started dating, sort of out of necessity. We had a few choices and we made that one; I think we were naive. We've gotten into some unhealthy behavior patterns. I am frustrated and resentful. However, I care about him a lot. I want us to figure out how to genuinely be friends with each other, and then see where it goes from there. It may well be that we take this time for ourselves and there really is no love, it was all codependent bullshit. But we won't really know unless we do it.

I'm moving as soon as I get the keys. I found a really nice place, available now, and I'm excited about moving there, and hopefully living there for a few years, and not having to move until I'm ready to buy a house, dammit. I am going to talk to them about trying to get the keys in the last week of June.

I lost my boss at work :( He was pretty awesome but got caught up in some political nonsense. I heard a rumor that another involved individual that used their influence to squash my promotion because they have a personal issue with me is also on the chopping block.

Oh yeah I got denied the promotion. It was bullshit. This individual is not in my reporting chain yet went to my VP and complained about my conduct during a meeting I was holding that they interrupted for some bullshit. My manager asked what I said specifically and of course this person had nothing because I didn't do anything. This person just claimed the way I picked up post-its off the table made it clear I wasn't behaving "respectfully". Uh. I'm in line for an SE 3 position, I'm an engineer not a manager dammit. Who cares how I pick up post-its or kiss or don't kiss someone's ass. Especially not for an SE3 title, it's pretty low on the totem pole. I could understand for a Sr level title where there is more visibility and accountability but c'mon, I'm making peanuts here, I'm working WAY beyond my job title. Fucking bullshit.

We have a temporary manager assigned to our team. Once the dust settles with this other individual's departure, I will approach him about this promotion thing. Hopefully this individual will be sufficiently villainized at this point and my recent contributions to some of our work visible enough that our VP will be able to rubber stamp it. Although without my old manager to fight for me I doubt it will be much of a raise. I'm interested in looking for other work but I want to see this through for a bit. I have so much going on in my life right now, I don't really want to switch jobs. They are doing a big team reshuffle at work and I'm going to wait to see what happens. I'm going to suggest that it will be easy to push for a title+pay adjustment since we're re-orging anyways.

I'm also going to start selling my sock and glove animals at the Sunday markets. My mom has some jewelry she makes that I'll also sell. I did a garage/craft sell with a friend of mine yesterday and she's looking at doing some different markets. We talked about partnering up and sharing the costs of doing some different craft events. Bumbershoot is *insane* but I think I'm going to shoot to do it next year. I don't make a ton of money on these little sock dudes but it's something fun and I like the Seattle craft community.

So yeah, lots of changes afoot in my life right now.
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