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Submitted my first Dreamwidth patch today!

Got some shit from someone in #dreamwidth about using the word "codez" so I've decided to tag all of my code-related posts as codez in her honor.

Spent some time wrestling with PerlTragick with [personal profile] cxreg. He knows the internalz of the Perlz much better than I do so we were looking at different build options to figure it out. Turns out Perl isn't passing the right path to PerlTragick's configz despite a local path being set :/ I'm installing a dw sandbox into my home dir so I have custom paths and such. Luckily it's not *required* for dw, but kind of annoying and it would be nice to get fixed. We're putting together a shell script to help other folks who might just want a local sandbox of dw on their machine to hack away at.

[personal profile] cxreg and I keep meaning to spend some time on some electronicsy stuff. I got this Make book awhile ago with the components kit that's like an intro type deal but haven't made time to do anything with it. So we busted it out tonight and were doing basic experiments with LEDs :)

Electronixx are fun.


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