Mar. 29th, 2011

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Everyone has their own theories on nutrition, their own diets, and their own solutions. While many of these programs have good concepts there are always fringe notions that are a bit extreme. I'm not sure who is right, but I guess it just comes down to do what's best for you.

I recently started reading Sally Fallon's works, "Nourishing Traditions" and "Eat Fat Lose Fat". Her work is based on the principles of Weston A. Price, a dentist who travelled around the world examining different cultures to understand how diet affects our dental health. He put together a basic diet recommendation based on his research which can be summarized here:

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Anyways so here are my resources regarding my new mode of nutrition experimentation:
- (Pro-Raw milk site) -
- Pike Place Market Creamery (where I buy raw milk, eggs, and butter) -
- Dungeness Valley Creamery (Raw Milk in WA state) -
- Organic Valley Pasture Butter (pasteurized, but cultured and comes from grass-fed cows) -
- Rain Shadow Meats (High quality, humane WA butcher) -
- Radiant Life (Cod Liver Oil) -
- Eden Foods (Malted Barley Syrup, Raw Vinegar, good Olive Oil) -
- Cultures for Health (Sourdough starter, Kefir starter, Sprouted grain flour) -
- Japanese Pickling Book -
- Nourishing Traditions -
- Sustainable Seafood Guide -
- Tropical Traditions Red Palm Oil -
- Coconut Palm Sugar -
- Sucanat -


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