Mar. 9th, 2011

Crazy Life

Mar. 9th, 2011 07:15 pm
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Life has been super crazy the past few weeks. Deadlines at work caused me to have to work a lot of extra hours and then some challenges in the ol' personal life ate up what was left. I'm not going to get into details here but all I'm going to say is when you really fall in love with someone and you are committed, it's not easy. We all have little demons locked away and it takes a special partner to bring those to the front and make us face them. It's not pretty, in fact it's ugly and painful. BUT when you truly love someone and have made a commitment to being on this journey with them, you are willing to face those things and work through it. So we're working through some very difficult things, been working through them, and some truths that we'd both been hiding from each other have come to surface in the past couple weeks. We've had some heated confrontations and very emotional discussions. I really believe that we've both fully confessed at this point and have let go of some things as a result. But again, it's a never ending process of evolution so there will be more challenges. I'm just happy to be making forward progress :)

In other personal news I've made a commitment to get my financial situation sorted out this year. I've been working to get some outstanding collections debts paid off in an effort to improve my credit score. I also got my first credit card in 10 years hehe. Limit is $500 LOL. Hey I don't care, I just need something that I can pay off each month so I can boost my credit score. My credit score is about 630, or a "D" hehe. I signed up on this website called and it's pretty snazzy. Anyways so currently I just have about $12k left on my student loans and one outstanding collections debt from ages ago that I forgot existed. Settling that will be easy. My goal is to pay off at least 50% of my student loan debt this year MINIMUM. Once I've got that straightened out, it's 401k/Roth IRA consolidation time so that I start regularly putting money into those accounts. I need to start regularly putting money away into those accounts and thinking about the future.

I've also made a commitment to get my physical health sorted out this year as well. Last year I started eating better, limiting refined carbs and really paying attention to what I'm putting in my body. I joined Seattle Fitness and have been going almost every day in the past 2 weeks. I've done a great job of losing weight with a minimum of excersize and diet alone (lost about 50 pounds!!) and now it's time to crank it up a notch and get off this plateau I've been experiencing. I've promised myself when I get to a maintainable healthy weight, I will go on a small shopping spree and re-do my wardrobe (another thing to save up some money for hehe).


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