Jan. 23rd, 2011

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My folks spent the night on their way up to Whistler and this was one of our weekends with [personal profile] cxreg's daughter (who I shall refer to as the minion minionette) so it was an action packed household :D We've been getting her into games (she's 3 1/2) and she enjoyed playing Slap Dragon with my dad and one of the Ravensburger board games with my mom. I'm constantly amazed at how calm and comfortable she is with us each time she comes to visit which is such a change from when cxreg and I first started dating. In a nutshell his ex has borderline personality disorder and is a complete nutjob. When the minion minionette comes over here, it's like all this tense and frustrated energy she has from being around her mom just releases. I've had a huge part to play in establishing rules and structure, but I think that's because I had a really good upbringing so I've got good examples to draw on :) Anyways so it gives me warm fuzzies to hear the minion minionette randomly say "I love you Auggy" hehe. And I don't mean minion minionette in any negatory sense, she is totally my little minion in that I teach her kewl things and we're totally pals :) Today as she was leaving I taught her "Guess What Chicken Butt" and we told her to tell EVERYONE that joke because it's SO FUNNY. It will drive her mom crazy, which will make her want to do it moar. *mwahahaaha*

Today I'm working on my first contribution to the wonderful Dreamwidth community, my very first code tour! Hoping to get a chunk of that knocked out :) And then I've asked cxreg to do a code review on a couple of cron jobs I wrote for $werk. So nice having a significant other to talk Perl with. Then later hopefully some knitting :D

**EDITED: Since dw volunteers are often referred to as minions I've decided to refer to my little minion as the minionette to differentiate :D


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